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Making Facebook App (Very easy steps)

Hello friends

This is my first web blogging. Yesterday I got a little problem. I am working with a project and it’s need to integrate with Facebook. Than I got the solution and its very easy……..;-)

First of all you have to create a facebook developer account. I think you know how to create facebook account. So first you create a facebook account and then go to http://developers.facebook.com/ . goto My Apps. Here it ask to allow it as developer account. after accept you will be a facebook apps developer.  If here you see something like that >


then dont worry about that. again goto http://developers.facebook.com/ > My apps . Now you can see setup buton button at top right corner bellow menu bar. Click on this button.

You have to give the app name like” AshVilla” (a game).

and click Agree. then click on create app button.

After that you have see security text area

write what you see and click submit button.

and Finally you see the form

here you can add your customization like your logo, description , icon, if you have any privacy policy then you can give the url etc. after that click save changes button.

Wow you have create it. congratulations .

But be careful about App ID and App Secrete because that two code is use to collect user info.

Thanks a lot to be with me. And hope I’ll come with more interesting topic for you, Till than Good bye

(If you need more help then contact with me: ashfaq_acs@yahoo.com, ashfaqzone@gmail.com, +8801718902165)

By slipstreambd